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A2 Cow Ghee

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Bajra Flour

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Black Mustard Seeds – Rai

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Girveda - Collectively Offering Wellness

‘Girveda’ has grown on the principles of health, ecology, and care. We believe in working with a large number of accredited farmers who do not use or promote the use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds to grow their produce. We aim to give our customers a healthy chemical-free meal for the perfect nutrition.

Cow Based
Natural Farming
100% Vegan
& Locally Grown
Pesticide &
Chemical Free
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How does CBNF help farmers?

This ancient natural farming technique is not only low cost, but also helps farmers increase the value of their produce. At Girveda, we also help upskill farmers on processing techniques, and help them install machinery on their farms for them to get the most value out of their produce. Cow based farming is also known as zero-cost farming since it requires no additional cost for the farmer. All knowledge sharing for the farmers is done free of cost by Girveda.

How does CBNF differ from conventional farming?

Cow-based natural farming does not make use of any chemical based products, and instead relies only on manure and pesticides made from using cow products. Cow dung and urine have a number of compounds helpful to soil health and plant growth. CBNF uses ancient recipes to create Jeevamrita and Bijamrita, which are crucial for natural plant growth. On the other hand conventional farming uses chemical based fertilizers which are terrible for long-term soil health.

Is natural farming sustainable?

CBNF is a completely sustainable process, and is hardly cost intensive for the farmer, in fact, CBNF is also known as zero-cost farming. Not only does CBNF ensure continued soil health, it allows the farmer to do so at no additional cost, while improving the value of his crop. Cow based natural farming, is a completely green method of farming, endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture themselves.

What are the benefits of natural foods?

Naturally grown ingredients and food products help keep you safe from harmful chemicals. The chemical and toxic load of that comes with adulterated food items, can cause severe hormonal imbalance in the body and cause a wide range of diseases. Naturally grown food usually tastes so much better, so over and above saving yourself from chemicals eating natural food is all about keeping yourself nourished and healthy.

Why choose Girveda’s products?

All of Girveda’s products are grown by farmers using CBNF techniques, and are completely devoid of harmful chemicals. Using cow-based manures, pest repellents and other products, ensures the soil stays pristine, and healthy. This completely natural means of growing ensures a 100% natural products, grown for their sheer nutritional properties.

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