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Girveda is uniquely equipped to bring you the best in Ayurvedic medicine and formulations. The Noble Ayurvedic College and Research Centre has its own piece of land to grow essential ingredients following cow-based farming principles. Right from sowing to reaping, the complete process is monitored by our experts, just like when sourcing any produce for manufacture.

Our team of experts, PhDs, and specialists are proficient in all the recipes mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts. However, as our lifestyles have evolved, there are new maladies that we are faced with. Which is why our team also creates new unique medicinal recipes, which are tested thoroughly in the labs, before being used as treatment for the patients at the Ayurveda hospital.

All of the medicines and formulations we bring to the market have gone through rigorous testing in controlled settings. For a market like Ayurveda, it is important that every product add to this ancient healing practice’s credibility, and through an integration of CBNF and modern testing and manufacturing capabilities, Girveda is doing just that.

Expert Driven Formulations

Tried and Tested Products

State-of-the-art Equipment

Renowned Ayurvedic Experts

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Created by Experts

Thanks to our Ayurvedic College and hospital, we have on-hand a full-fledged team whose core job is to create new, innovative Ayurvedic formulations. When it comes to Ayurvedic medicines there are a number of factors that need to be kept in consideration. The weather a particular herb is grown in, when it was harvested, how it is cleaned, and many more. Our team not only creates these formulations but also tests them extensively to ensure that they carry the efficacy we claim. Moreover, these experts also work towards creating new cow-based recipes for soil and plant health to support cow-based natural farming practices.


Unmatched Infrastructure

From state-of-the-art laboratories to exclusive tracts of land dedicated to growing Ayurvedic ingredients the CBNF way, to a GMP certified manufacturing facility, Girveda operates with world-class infrastructure. The Noble Ayurvedic College and Research Institute provides all equipment and facilities required to test and experiment the raw materials. Moreover, the Ayurvedic hospital allows for a great facility to test the finished products and understand their efficacy. These one-of-a-kind products manufactured because of the indigenous skills of our team of experts are born thanks to an unstinting dedication towards a uniquely equipped infrastructure.


Model Farm in our Backyard

Every teaching facility for Ayurveda needs to have its own farm to grow specific ingredients, and the same holds true for Noble Ayurvedic College and Research Institute. Our farms are tilled using traditional CBNF techniques and grow only a 100% natural ingredients. This farm provides all the ingredients required to manufacture a host of Ayurvedic products, and are carefully curated by our experts to ensure maximum potency. This ensures that we have complete control on all the process for all Ayurvedic products, from growing, to testing, to manufacturing and practicing.


Modern Ayurvedic Solutions – Constant Experimentation

Our team of experts not only specializes in creating tried and tested formulations, but also solutions for modern ailments. With changes in lifestyle and habit, there has also been a change in the disease profile among different age groups. This calls for a more holistic view of our overall health, which requires a different approach to Ayurvedic treatments. Which is why our team of experts merge traditional techniques with modern day understanding to create Ayurvedic products that are not only 100% natural but also focused on holistic health.