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Holistic health is dependent largely on what we eat. Be it fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, herbs or any processed product, they need to be untainted and 100% natural in order to give your body the nutrients it needs.

At Girveda, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you 100% Natural Food and Ayurvedic products. We manage this by leveraging ancient Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) practices. This format of natural farming helps restore the soil’s health, remove all chemical impurities in it, thus laying the groundwork for growing natural ingredients and produce.

We work with farmers of the Gir-Somnath region to bring back ancient Cow Based Natural Farming practices. Together, through knowledge sharing and upskilling we help farmers add value to their produce, while keeping the naturally verdant land of Gir chemical free, and maintaining soil fertility. And from this, we grow a 100% Natural Food and Ayurvedic Products to build a sustainable and natural food cycle.


We are committed to nourishing society with a farm-to-kitchen supply of pure, chemical-free, 100% natural food products, cultivated in the fertile lands of Gir.


We aim to lead the country towards a cleaner and healthier future. We want to achieve this by building an accessible and affordable marketplace for 100% Natural Food and Ayurvedic Products grown using Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) practices. And at the same time, also create a sustainable livelihood for farmers in India.

Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF)

100% Chemical-free & Locally Grown

Farmer-friendly Practices

In-house R&D and Testing Facilities

What Sets Us Apart

Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF)

All Of The Food And Ayurvedic Products At Girveda Are Made Using Produce And Ingredients Grown Exclusively Using Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) Practices. This Is An Ancient Practice Which Refuses The Use Of Any Chemical Products, Relying Solely On Cow-Based Products And Traditional Recipes For Creating Quality Manure And Improving Soil Health. Girveda Only Sources From The Farmer Once Their Soil Has Been Untouched By Chemicals And Pesticides For 3 Years, Allowing The Chemicals To Be Leached Away. Which Is Why, All Girveda’s Products Are Made From Produce And Ingredients Unpolluted By Any Inorganic Contaminants, And Are 100% Natural.

Zero Preservatives

When We Say Your Products Are Completely Natural, We Mean It. Preservatives May Prolong The Life Of A Product, But They Are Chemicals At The End Of The Day. Such Artificial Preservatives Have Been Found To Be At The Root Of A Variety Of Issues Like Heart Trouble, Asthma, And Obesity, Among Others. Girveda Believes In A Holistic Approach To Creating A Sustainable Food Cycle Where There Is No Place For Synthetic Or Chemical Preservatives.

100% Vegan

Cow Based Natural Farming, Or CBNF, Embraces The Cows As An Integral Part Of The Farming Ecosystem. They Are Cherished Members Of The Family. All Produce Grown On The Farm Is Managed Using Completely Natural Techniques And Does Not Harm Any Animals In The Process. All The Cow Dung Created Goes Into Helping The Soil Stay Fertile, And The Animals Are Not Exploited In Any Fashion.

Farmer Friendly

Girveda Supports Partner Farmers At Every Step Of Their Journey. Using An Existing In-House Library And Repository Of Knowledge, We Help Farmers Add Different Recipes Of Manure And Insect Repellent Methods Using Traditional Cow-Based Recipes. Secondly, We Help Install Processing Units At The Farms, Manned By The Farmers Themselves, Helping Them Add Value To Their Produce. This Not Only Increases The Value Of The Produce, But Also Helps Add A New Facet To The Farmer’s Skillset. Most Importantly, Girveda Ensures A Fair Price For The Produce And Ingredients Bought From The Farmers, Assuring Complete Transparency In The Process.

In-House R&D & Testing Facilities

All Of Girveda’s Ayurvedic Products Are Developed, Manufactured And Tested At The Noble Ayurveda College And Research Institute. With A Team Of Scholars And Academicians Who Have Made It Their Life’s Mission To Bring Ayurveda To The Masses, We Create And Test Products That Can Help Keep You Healthy. Girveda’s Own Farming Facility, Leads The Way In Growing Cow Based Natural Farming Ayurvedic Ingredients Which Are Then Used To Manufacture The Medicines Developed By Our Team. This Closed Circuit Of Creating Traditionally Proven Recipes, Using Naturally Grown Produce, In A GMP Certified Production Facility, Ensures We Bring You Nothing But The Best In Ayurvedic Products.

Our Infrastructure


Pristine Manufacturing Set-up

Girveda LLP is located at Zanzarda crossroads. The overall location of the facility has been chosen keeping in mind its distance from chemical spewing factories and units that can inadvertently contaminate the products. Moreover, even the facility has been constructed specifically to avoid any contamination from open sewage, drain, public lavatories, or factories. The location ensures that all the produce and ingredients brought here continue to stay pristine and untouched by any contaminants during the entire process.


Storage & Testing

There are separate storage facilities too, for Natural Food and Ayurvedic products, to avoid contamination. They are constructed to international standards with all necessary certifications to ensure maximum product goodness. All the raw materials produce and ingredients are kept in their air-tight containers. Each container is specifically marked ‘Approved’, ‘Under Test’, or ‘Rejected’, based on tests conducted in government approved laboratories. We use the raw material only after it has been approved, and follow all protocols and processes to ensure that rejected raw material is removed and stored in a separate area. All records are dedicatedly maintained and showcased on the website for every batch.


Production & Packaging

The production and packaging facilities for Natural Food and Ayurvedic products are kept separate and are certified to international standards. Machinery like pouching, bottle filling, sealing and shrink wrapping machines are provided adequate space for orderly placement and safety for the workers. The material is kept independent to eliminate any risk of mix-up or cross-contamination. The facility is cleaned twice every day, with plumbing, light and washing fail-safes in place. Regular maintenance of the machinery and safety training is a priority at our facility. With parallel production we not only save on man-hours, but also energy.


Latest Machinery & Equipment

There are standard SOPs set for every piece of equipment in the facility. The manufacturing unit for Ayurvedic medicines is a separate GMP certified facility, over and above that for the food products. For production facilities of this size, most of the machines are manually or semi-automatically operated. Specific care is taken during their installation to ensure a smooth flow of employees and raw material within the space. The manufacturing mission of the company is to do what we do without wasting resources is lesser pursuits. In fact, we also equip the farmers with processing machinery to help them with sorting, flour making, oil manufacturing and bulk packaging, to add value to their products.