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All the processes for procuring, storing and packaging the products are managed from the perspective of keeping them as pristine as the land that grew them. Over and above an infrastructure which ensures no contamination from nearby sites, we have a completely centralized system. The facility acts as a central site for procurement, storage, assembly, packaging and distribution of all the products.

With separate facilities for food and Ayurvedic products, we have ensured complete adherence to international standards with all requisite certifications. Parallel production and thorough testing for all ingredient batches, helps ensure complete transparency. Digital records of the tests and certifications of every batch of ingredients are made available on the website by simply scanning a QR code on the package.

This is the level of transparency and openness that we encourage at Girveda.

World Class Infrastructure

Testing & Certification

Standardized Processes

Highly Qualified Personnel

Ayurvedic Products

1. Product Development and Classification

Each product is developed by our in-house experts, and tested intensely before taking to market. These tests help ascertain the ideal classification for these products, and ensure results.

2. Annual Raw Material Volume Analysis

Different cropping cycles yield different quantum and quality of produce. This raw material analysis helps us ensure that we are providing the same high quality for all our products.

3. Annual Crop Cycle Planning

Ayurvedic plants need to be grown in their specific seasons, and conditions. This is made possible through an annual crop cycle planning for all our ingredients.

4. Farmer Selection and Crop Distribution

Different herbal plants need different factors for optimal growth and flowering. Careful farmer selection and crop distribution ensures that we only have the best ingredients grown for all our Ayurvedic products.

5. Farmer Training and Assistance

There are certain situations where farmers need expert support to grow certain plants or maintain soil health. At times like these Girveda is always at hand to provide any form of training and assistance required for farmers.

6. Farm Preparation and Sowing

Traditional cow-based techniques are leveraged to prepare the soil and seeds prior to sowing. These techniques ensure the best chance for healthy plant growth at every subsequent stage.

7. Crop Monitoring and Maintenance

Every plant is carefully monitored to ensure they are growing healthily. Crop maintenance techniques used by Girveda farmers involve only completely natural and cow-based products.

8. Quality Yield Procurement

Every yield we procure from our farmer partners is kept tabs on right from sowing to reaping. We are dedicated to providing only high quality, healthful products to our clients.

9. Raw Material Sorting and Storage

Considering the use, all raw materials for Ayurvedic products are stored at our facility separately. All measures to avoid cross-contamination, and protect against naturally harmful conditions, are followed diligently.

10. Lab Testing of Raw Materials

Our in-house lab facilities and Ayurvedic College provide thorough lab testing for all raw materials. This is over and above the government lab testing for these materials.

11. Product Manufacturing

All of our products are manufactu -red at our GMP certified manufa -cturing facilities. These products are carefully monitored at every step to ensure they are of the best quality.

12. Lab Testing of Finished Products

Even after the products are manufactured, they are put through a battery of tests to assure their efficacy. These test results are available for the consumers to check at all times.

13. International Standard Packaging

The packaging ensures easy reach, protection from natural conditions, and cleanliness. Our focus on creating sustainable packaging ensures minimal carbon footprint.

14. Finished Products Storage

Each of the finished goods is stored at a separate facility. This facility ensures minimal hassle in storage and transportation of the products.

15. Logistics

The packaged products are sent to the respective stores thanks to a dedicated logistics team. The short distance between raw material procurement and manufacturing ensures minimal carbon footprint.

Quality Assurance

Farmer Selection

We choose our associate farmers with great care. When the farmer first expresses the desire to turn to cow-based natural farming, we begin the process of helping them wean the soil off chemicals. This is a long journey, but we support the farmer at every step of the way. This time also helps us ensure their dedication to the natural farming. Once the soil is completely chemical free, and is enriched by cow-based products, is when the farmer starts producing crops for Girveda. We only use raw materials that are grown in a completely chemical free soil, without any contamination. And the core factor for selecting every farmer associated with Girveda is just that – No chemical use.


Testing & Certifications

Every batch of products and raw materials go through complete ingredient testing at government certified laboratories. Right from the equipment we use, to the processes we follow, we endeavour to uphold world-class standards to provide you quality, and completely natural food and Ayurvedic products. But that is not all. At Girveda we go a step forward. Every product package has a QR code which shows the certifications of the raw material of that particular batch. In the true tradition of the Gir Mountains, we provide our consumers honest, natural and nutrition rich products


International Standards of Packaging

Creating a sustainable food and health cycle are as much dependent on the products as they are on the packaging. Which is why we use eco-friendly techniques and sustainable packaging solutions to ensure a closed loop for complete sustainability. Food sustainability is also about delivering the products in an eco-friendly fashion to our consumers, and our packaging methods help us do just that. Our packaging machinery is certified at international standards, and we follow processes that meet all necessary standards and more. And all this in an effort to bring you only the best, most nutritious products, while creating a sustainable food cycle, from cow based natural farms to your table.


Efficient Processes & Technology

We back up world class technology for all manufacturing, packaging and processing with standardized testing. We keep all the machinery distant from each other to ensure no cross-contamination, and adhere to safety standards. The employees, at every level, are trained in all essential safety measures to ensure a safe and healthy workspace. Machinery like product leak testing are put in place to ensure that we test all the packages for any failure to deliver only the best to our consumers.


Ayurvedic Testing Facility

Our in-house team of doctors, PhDs, and specialists work with ingredients that are grown specifically keeping in mind their uses. They create conventional combinations, while also innovating unique recipes based on their own tests and research. These original recipes are tested in our laboratories, and following their efficacy we implement patient trials at our own hospital. Our own international standard testing facility for Ayurvedic products stands second to none, and allows for the production of some stellar products thanks to quality produce.


Smaller Batches, Higher Quality

All of our food and Ayurvedic products are not created for mass consumption. We pride ourselves on making small batches to ensure a higher attention to quality. These small batches help us pay keen attention to our ingredient sourcing, and the processes we follow to ensure that the ingredients stay completely untainted by chemicals. These batches while small in size, are big on the love and nutrition that they bring to your tables, and that is our contribution to your health and well-being.