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Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) is a technique that puts cows and the farmer at the center of the agricultural ecosystem. This ancient technique makes it a priority to maintain the agro-ecology in order to make quality crop production a sustainable activity.

CBNF primarily works on the following principles:

|| Ensuring 365 day crop cover || Keeping the soil undisturbed || Using indigenous seeds || Integrating cow based products || Improving organic content in soil || Managing infestations with cow based treatments || No synthetic chemicals ||Ensuring the farmer’s growth

Cow Based Natural Farming ensures that there is a variety of crops being grown on the soil. Each with their own unique traits, this format ensures that the farmer gets the optimal value from the soil. The use of indigenous seeds ensures a certain hardiness of the crop, with natural protection against pests and diseases.

There is a keen focus on cow based products, recipes that have been passed on from generations, and improved upon with technology and scientific rigour. At every stage of the process, the soil and plant health is kept prima facie, without compromising on the natural and organic approach to doing things.

Secondly, it puts a focus on farmer welfare. NSSO data states that 70% of farmer families are incurring greater costs than their earnings, and over half of them are in debt. With farmers not being able to reap the benefits of their labour, it becomes more important than ever to ensure a farming methodology that also helps them. Long term CBNF practice can effectively bring the cost of production to a bare minimum for the farmer, while consistently improving upon their yields.

Finally, CBNF practices can help provide a sustainable supply of 100% Natural Food and Ayurvedic Products. It can help customers reduce their dependence on conventionally grown produce and products, and instead use the assured, all natural and organic CBNF products. Products grown using cow based farming practices are rich in nutrients without any latent presence of chemicals that could be harmful to you in any way.