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Here’s How You Can Test the Purity of Your Ghee Easily at Home!

Dec 16, 2021



Every Indian meal is incomplete without a hot drizzling spoon of ghee. Not only that, even Ayurveda states that consuming pure ghee improvises our immunity by reaching every single cell of the body. A natural source of antioxidants, ghee pure is recommended by health advocates and dieticians across the world. Cow Ghee is referred to as liquid gold in today’s time and Ghrita in ancient times. It is a yogavahi which means it helps nutrients and healing qualities of herbs reach effectively to the body.

But at the same time, finding pure ghee is a big task. Adulterated ghee is prevalent in the market with the aim of earning profits. Even though Indian Standard and Agmark are mandatory quality standards that define the purity of consumable products, most of the adulteration occurs in unregulated markets. This adulterated ghee looks quite similar to pure ghee in colour, taste, and smell, making it a task to know if it’s pure or not. Hence, here we have listed down a few benefits of how having ghee pure can contribute to your health. Let us also help you find the best A2 cow ghee online as well as a few well-known ghee adulteration tests or methods to check the purity of ghee easily from the comfort of your home.

Who Should Consume Cow Ghee?

Ghee is an elixir for good health, quite literally, when consumed regularly people can benefit from all the goodness and nutrients it provides. Consuming pure ghee on a daily basis is a beneficial health practice and should be followed across all age groups.

1. Children of all ages

  • A2 cow Ghee has been a proven boon for kids of all ages. It improves bone health, and immunity and works as a strength booster for kids of all ages. Hence, it is recommended in the initial growing years for kids.

2. People experiencing low immunity

  • A2 Cow ghee being a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, K, and E makes it the perfect immunity booster with zero side effects. Due to its high nutritional value, it has been highly recommended for boosting energy and immunity.

3. Pregnant women

  • It is believed that consuming ghee by pregnant women not only works wonders for the child’s health but also helps in easy delivery. A2 cow ghee works as a lubricant and relaxes the muscles, reducing labour pain to a great extent.

4. Ones with weak eyesight

  • According to Ayurveda, our eyes are a pitta(hot) organ. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we are surrounded by smartphones emitting blue light that could cause our eyes to experience dryness, puffiness and inflammation. Ghee is a cooling agent as well as a rich source of omega fatty acids. So it balances the pitta organs and helps in treating eyesight problems.

Easy DIY Methods to Know Which Ghee is Pure

We understand how you might be worried about the purity of the ghee you are consuming. Often the ghee found in the market is adulterated with starch, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. So how do identify pure ghee? Let’s take a look at a few quick and easy ghee adulteration tests that can help you identify if the ghee is pure or not.

1. Heat Test

  • This is one of the easiest and most commonly used methods. Start by heating the ghee either in a spoon or a vessel. If the ghee turns dark brownish in colour and melts immediately, it is pure. On the other hand, if the ghee takes a while to melt and turns yellowish, you can understand that it is adulterated.

2. Palm Test

  • It is believed that the ghee melts at body temperature. The palm test is yet another effective method, in which you can take a spoonful of ghee in your palm to test the purity. If the ghee starts melting in your palm, it’s an indicator that your ghee is pure else it’s adulterated.

3. Double Boiler Method Check

  • The double boiler method is widely used to check traces of coconut oil in ghee. Here the ghee is melted in a glass jar or pan using the double boiler method, where a flat bottomed pan is fit over a pan of simmering water. Upon melting, the ghee is taken out and left in the fridge to rest for a while. Upon further inspection, if you find separate layers in the jar, it proves that the ghee is adulterated, or else the ghee is pure.

4. Iodine Test

  • As the name suggests, the purity of ghee is checked using a few drops of iodine. A small quantity of melted ghee is taken and iodine is added to it. If the colour turns purple, it shows that the ghee has the presence of starch in it and is adulterated. If no colour change is observed, the ghee turns out to be pure.

5. Bottle Test

  • In this ghee adulteration test, a tablespoon of melted ghee is taken into a bottle and a pinch of sugar is added to it. Post that, the container is closed and shaken vigorously. The bottle is kept still for five minutes to observe. If the colour appears to be red at the bottom of the bottle, the ghee contains vegetable oil and is adulterated.

Finding Pure Ghee That’s the Right Fit for You

Ghee is an inevitable part of our households. Right from cooking to consuming it on an empty stomach, it has proven a blessing for all age groups and types over the years. From the medicinal point of view as well as ayurvedic point of view, the consumption of ghee is highly recommended. With the above-listed ghee adulteration tests and methods, it’s easier than ever to check the purity of your ghee and steer clear of adulterated ghee. You can also purchase clinically tested and proven ghee like Ayurveda and start boosting your immunity right away.

Nowadays, most goods and products are purchased online. Post the pandemic, people prefer online shopping now more than ever. Even if that’s their day-to-day grocery and staples including pulses and flour. Ghee is no exception ranging from medicated ghee to finding pure A2 cow ghee online, all sorts of ghee are easily available and also high in demand. Once you switch to pure cow ghee, there’s no going back. Dieticians and nutritionists also recommend A2 Cow Ghee.

Cow Ghee at Girveda

Girveda is on a mission to nourish society with its pure, chemical-free, ayurvedic products ranging from ghee, honey, and pulses to spices and condiments. These highly trusted and certified products follow a detailed step-by-step 100% natural production process.

We believe in an utmost transparent approach when it comes to producing and delivering our products. If you’re ever worried about the purity of our products, you can review all its safety information in a matter of seconds. Here’s how: by using the batch number available on every product of Girveda, a detailed report can be obtained on the website, including the farm, farmer details, and most importantly a lab report stating the purity of the product. When you choose Girveda, you can stay rest assured that there are no compromises on quality and safety.

Consume healthy, stay healthy!

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