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Benefits of CBNF

Cow Based Natural Farming: The Salient Features Making it the Best Sustainability Alternative

Nov 29, 2021

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India, an agrarian country, employs 54.6% of its total population through agriculture. Though it has one of the most arable land areas in the world, the declining rate of Indians working in the agriculture sector is an alarming concern.

The extremely high costs of cultivation due to the adverse climate conditions and the cost-heavy fertilizers have led to this shift of interest of farmers into cultivation. On the other hand, as people are more concerned than ever for their health and safety, they have tended to prioritize organic and natural food products. Hence, the green revolution or cow based natural farming has been the aptest alternative and is trending nowadays.


What exactly is Zero-Budget Natural Farming?

We all have seen how the forest trees and street-side trees grow without any care or added fertilizers. They inhibit natural growth using the vitamins, and minerals of soil and air, water and sunlight.

Similarly, zero-budget natural farming uses locally available and farm-based resources. Organic farming and natural farming are both zero-budget farming. In organic farming, there is the usage of organic fertilizers, manures and composts. On the other hand in natural farming, no external fertilizers or any sort of additives are provided.

Cow-Based Natural Farming

Since the Vedic period, cows are revered as mother goddesses in Indian civilization. They are raised and taken care of for milk in almost all rural households of India.

Cow-based Natural farming can be defined as a traditional Indian farming method. This farming method is highly effective and retains soil fertility too. The cattle are raised from birth and its compost which is a source of fertilizer is used in farming. This ancient farming method is highly beneficial for the farmers too due to its cost-effectiveness and easy adaptability.

Quite a number of agriculture tribes have adopted CBNF and have observed proven results. Girveda, a Junagadh-based community been practising cow-based natural farming for quite a few years. As they have been growing a variety of crops through it, the farmers are able to get rid of debts and have benefitted from using non-chemical-based fertilizers and practices.


Features of Natural Farming

CBNF has multiple advantages when compared to chemical-based farming. Its salient features, as listed below make it the best fit for the farmers.

Enhances Soil Quality

  • One of the biggest advantages of Cow-based Natural farming is that it plays a major role in stopping the deteriorating soil quality. The chemical additives and fertilizers have affected the soil quality and also burns a hole in the pocket of farmers.
  • Cow-based natural farming is done using natural or at times zero fertilizers and is cost-effective as well as enhances soil quality. Usually, farmers use compost or manure made from cow dung.

Panchagavya for Plant Growth

  • Cow-based natural farming uses a combination, Panchgavya of nine cow-based products. This combination shows exceptional results by enhancing plant growth. This natural plant growth enhancer consists of Cow dung, Cow urine, Milk, Curd, Jaggery, Ghee, Banana, Tender Coconut and Water.
  • Panchagavya has N, P, and K macronutrients and other micronutrients vital for plant growth. This helps in the development of the farm.

Nutrient-rich Quality Food

  • According to the Organic Trade Association of USA, 81% of families with kids consider purchasing or even at times purchase organic and natural food products. The only reason being they want their kids to have nutrient-rich and vitamins-filled food chemical-free food in their initial growing years.
  • In the past few years, the demand for cow-based natural farming products has seen a sharp rise. People have shifted towards age-old ayurvedic methods to maintain their health in this fast-paced stressful environment. There are multiple portals where you can find natural, cow-based products to keep your immunity in check.


  • The high-quality food yield and the environmental contribution are at the core when it comes to cow-based natural farming. But adding to that, this type of farming has proved extremely cost-effective to the farmers too.
  • Lately, farmers’ suicides have been an alarming concern nationwide. The cause is unreliable weather conditions and the extremely high cost of chemical fertilizers and manures. This has been the biggest concern of farmers and it has been difficult for them to meet all ends.
  • But, on the other hand, due to CBNF, they do not need to purchase expensive fertilizers. They can utilize cow dung and urine, they also have cow milk as a source of side income. Hence, this approach to farming has been a win-win situation for all.


Cow-based farming has proved a boon to the farmers, society, and the environment at large. As and when people are adopting it, they have seen the benefits and how it can help them and they can play their part in contributing to environmental sustainability as well.

  • The chemical fertilizers and additives get washed away and contaminate soil and groundwater. CBNF preserves the soil quality as well as groundwater as it uses cow-based natural fertilizers.
  • The multiple methods used in natural farming retain carbon in the soil and reduce its emissions in the air. This helps in enhancing the crop yield as well as decreasing greenhouse gases and air pollution.
  • There have been incidents when the chemical additives have shown adverse skin and health effects on the farmers due to the harmful products used in it. Since the use of organic manures, farmers have also been freed from chemical-borne diseases.
  • The 100% natural and organic food produced has been a tried and tested approach to enhancing our immunity and health conditions largely. These bioproducts are helping people live a disease-free, long and healthy life.
  • Hence, sustainability and natural farming being intertwined, are togetherly contributing to building a better, and greener tomorrow.

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