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Your Ayurveda Detox Guide Post Diwali

Your Ayurveda Detox Guide Post Diwali

Oct 20, 2022



Your Ayurveda Detox Guide Post Diwali

Diwali is all about fun and frolic and celebrations. It’s also about family time and delicious food. You indulge in those delicacies and celebrate those special moments. But this also harms your body as you intake a lot of chemicals and toxins. Ayurveda has ancient solutions for all such modern problems. If you just monitor your diet and regulate your schedule, your body can detox and flush out those toxins. Here are a few tips you can refer to for your Ayurveda detox guide.

How to Detox Your Body the Ayurvedic Way After Diwali?

1. Add Liquid to Your Diet

  • The all-time best solution to flush out toxins from your body is to consume a lot of fluids. Consume a lot of water or detox fluids to stay healthy and avoid bloating. You can consume a glass of warm water with added lemon to it to speed up the digestion process. Alternatively, you can also drink green tea to maintain your liver health. This helps in maintaining the water levels in the body and burns excess body fat. Also, Ayurveda suggests drinking boiled water at the end of the day to boost your metabolism.

2. Go Light on Your Diet

  • There’s absolutely no control over the amount of oils and sugar and fats we consume during festivals. After having such heavy meals, it’s highly advisable to consume food that is light and easily digestible. You can consume nutrition and fibre-rich fruits/vegetables or healthy soups. Khichdi and rice are also good alternatives. These energizing foods are ideal to detox your stomach and improving your immunity and metabolism.

3. Increase Intake of Fresh Fruits

  • Fruits are always a good alternative. They are an extremely good source of fibre, multivitamins, and antioxidants. They also taste amazing and offer satiety. After consuming those sweets and snacks, give your stomach the much-needed break with fresh fruits. They work well in eliminating the excessive toxins stuck to your intestinal walls and aid your digestive system.

4. Yes to Sprouts, No to Toxins

  • Sprouts and salads not only improve your metabolism and immunity but also improve your skin and hair health. They are extremely easy to digest and also hydrate your body well. Sprouts help with hormonal imbalances women face and also repair damaged tissues. Being a rich source of omega acids and antioxidants, it also gives an added glow to your skin and hair.

5. Nuts and Dry Fruits Are All Your Need

  • Try consuming soaked nuts and fruits to detoxify your body post-Diwali. This powerhouse of proteins and vitamins and carbohydrates can help you recharge and rejuvenate after the festivities. They flush out all the toxins from your colon and smoothen your digestive process. That’s why soaked nuts and dry fruits are much needed after festivals.

6. The D Vitamin

  • Diwali also embarks the onset of winter. At this time, your body lacks the much-needed Vitamin D. Try soaking in some morning sunshine for a daily dose of Vitamin D. You can also get those readily available Vitamin D capsules.

7. Exercise and Excell

  • Those high sugar and oil content do taste amazing but also are extremely difficult to digest. What you can do is try doing some light exercises in your daily regime. Try warming up or practising some sports like badminton or tennis or do some Yoga. Also, make sure you do this in the open air to release all the toxins and smoke from the lungs.

8. Abhyanga for Stress Release

  • If you’re extremely stressed and tired due to the loud noises, food and schedules, then all you need is an Abhyanga massage. This hot oil massage can help in releasing all that muscle stress and nourish your skin and body. It provides an inner glow and rejuvenation your body needs after festivities.

Our body consumes ample amounts of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis due to our lifestyle. You need to resort to chemical-free and natural food to maintain a healthy diet and body. Many organic brands like Girveda have a wide range of 100% natural products. These cow-based farming products are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and can help you boost your strength and immunity. You can also switch to a healthier lifestyle post-festivities and weddings by ordering food products Gir Se Ghar Tak!

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