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Benefits of A2 Cow Ghee

The Fascinating Truths and Health Benefits of Unique and Sacred Breed of Gir Cows

Sep 22, 2021



One of the most common misconceptions is that natural farming and organic farming are the same. However, Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) is nothing like organic farming. Natural farming utilizes natural methods that can enhance the taste of the food prepared in the houses. Crop cultivation through natural farming is fresher, tastier, and long-lasting than the ones produced from chemical fertilizers.

Under CBNF, the holy cows are very well-cared and provided with lush green farms. Hence, CBNF also makes both the farmers and cows happier. Here’s an interesting study by Newcastle University about cows:

Cows that are more comfortable with human interaction are less stressed when milked. Hence, a good relationship with the farmers actually helps cows produce better, fresher, and more milk than others. Moreover, a happy relationship between cows and farmers also means farmers would suffer fewer injuries on the job.


How Girveda Protects and Safeguards the Holy Gir Cows

The growing awareness about the cruel treatment of animals raised on factory farms has raised many concerns. Consumers are now more informed about the treatment of animals from which they get their food. For the same reason, they now prefer to opt for natural farming products.

Unique Breed

  • At Girveda, our holy cows of the Gir-Somnath region are one of the most impressive cow breeds. Being famous worldwide for their unique milk properties, nutrition, and hardiness, they can survive any climatic conditions. Moreover, they are also powerful enough to resist many tropical diseases. The male cattle (bullocks) of the Gir also have pretty distinct shapes and sizes.
  • Considered one of the best milkers, Gir cows produce unique A2 milk rich in beta-casein protein and laden with essential nutrients. Girveda’s A2 Cow Ghee has such potent nutrients, healthy for consumption. A2 milk is scientifically proven to be better than the commonly consumed A1 protein. A1 protein is the leading cause of lactose intolerance, and A2 milk helps prevent it apart from many coronary diseases.

Milking and Loading Prowess

  • Gir bulls are extremely strong and can be used on any soil for grazing and carrying heavy loads. And the cows produce an average milk yield of 1590 kg per lactation. Additionally, a Gir cow produces an average of 6-10 litres of milk every day.

The Healing Properties of Surya Ketu Nadi (Vein)

  • The Gir cows have a permanent hip bone and high hump, making them different from other Indian or international cow breeds. The hump has healing properties attached to the Surya Ketu Nadi. When exposed to the sun, the vein produces gold salts in the cow’s body, blood, urine, cow dung, and other fluids. The naturally golden color of butter and Ghee made from their A2 milk is due to these salts produced from their vein. These salts are extremely useful to fight and cure many human and animal diseases.

Benefits of Golden Salts for Land, Farmers, and Consumers

  • The milk and milk products consumed by people produced from Gir cows contain many benefits. The milk itself comprises six types of essential vitamins, twenty-five types of minerals, twenty-one types of amino acids, two types of glucose, eight types of protein, cerebrosides, strontium, four kinds of Phosphorus, and carotene with golden abstracts.
  • Cow dung used in preparing manure for natural farming contains Nitrogen, beneficial for the soil and crop growth. Other natural nutrients essential for the earth include Potassium, Borax, Cobalt Sulfate, Molybdenum, Manganese, Sodium, Iron, and Boron. These properties act as natural fertilizers, also used in preparing raw manure.
  • The cow urine has properties that can cure the Cancer virus, purify the body, bring calmness, and prevent many other diseases. It contains Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Fluoride, and Ammonia.

Management, Shelter, and Feeding of Gir Cows at Girveda

Gir cows are considered one of the unique and top cattle breeds in India. Compared to other Desi cows, Gir cows produce around 1200-1800 kgs of milk per lactation.

Shelter and Feeding of Gir Cows

  • In natural cow-based farming, there is no practice of weaning calves. Additionally, the milking cows, newborn calves, and bullocks are not sent for village grazing. Bullocks and milking cows are adequately fed with a healthy concentrate of around 1-3 kgs per day, made from wheat bran, grain husk, oil cakes, crushed pulses, and cotton seeds.
  • The Gaushalas have robust shelters for these animals, especially on the winter nights when they stay on the fallow lands. The cow urine and dung are highly precious for increasing the fertility of the soil. As one of India’s oldest and purest breeds, the housing of these cows also needs proper maintenance. Besides good Oxygen, concrete buildings, and a drainage system, the Gir cows also need adequate amounts of Jowar, Bajra-straw, dry and green fodder, and jaggery. Additionally, vegetables like Carrots, Drumsticks, and beetroot are highly effective.

Management and Farming

  • Unlike organic and modern farming, natural farming allows calves to consume their mother’s milk from two out of her four udder teats until six months old. It ensures that the calves become healthy cows when they grow up and produce good milk.
  • Apart from that, the daily consumption maintenance ratio is necessary for cows, whether milking or non-milking. The proportion must be 1 kg of compound cattle feed and 15 kg of green grass as fodder. The dosage must be increased to 2 kilograms for pregnant cows and then gradually raised to 6 kg when they are close to giving birth. It ensures higher milk yield as well as better health for calves.
  • Owning these cows is not enough as they need proper maintenance, environment, safe infrastructure, and sufficient fodder in the pastures. For the same reason, the farmers at Girveda don’t follow the usual cruel practices. An average Gir cow can yield 10-15 litres of milk per day is a good climate. Low maintenance, high fertility rate, and value of milk in the market make Gir cows the holiest, purest, and sacred.

Girveda aims to bring back the ancient traditional culture of India’s natural farming by producing healthy and nutrient-rich food products. Shop now!

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