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How to Check Purity of Honey at Home?

How to Check Purity of Honey at Home?

Sep 21, 2022



Did you know that honey is one of the top 10 adulterated food items? Rice, sugar and a number of other ingredients are used to adulterate honey usually to increase its volume. At times, while processing the honey many artificial colourants and preservatives are added which also causes extreme harm to our health. So finding pure and farm-fresh honey is a tedious task. But there are some brands that have lab-tested and fresh honey obtained in a cruelty-free manner. Not only that, you can also check the purity of honey at your home with some simple tests to ensure that what you’re consuming is safe.

Signs That Your Honey Might Be Adulterated

If you’ve recently purchased a pack of honey which claims to be pure, here are a few signs that depict it might be adulterated.

  1. If you open the bottle of honey and there’s a sound, there are likely chances that the honey is adulterated because this sound is due to the fermentation that has occurred.
  2. Pure honey is non-sticky. So if your honey is sticky when rubbed in between fingers, there might be a presence of additional sweeteners in it.
  3. The texture of pure honey is quite dense and takes a while in being transferred from one container to other. On the other hand, adulterated honey is runny and thin in texture.
  4. If you feel that the taste of honey stays a little too long it might be adulterated. Pure honey’s taste usually doesn’t last very long in your mouth.

DIY Tests to Check Purity of Honey at Home

There are many brands claiming that they are selling extremely pure and fresh honey. But here are a few simple ways through which you can test if your honey is pure at home using just a few simple things.

1. The Vinegar Test

  • If you’re worried that the honey you consume is adulterated here’s an easy test you can try at home using just 2 simple ingredients. To perform the vinegar test prepare a solution of water and vinegar. Mix a few drops of honey to this solution and wait for a while. If you can see foam getting formed, it means the honey is adulterated and is not safe to consume.

2. Test Using Water

  • To test if your honey is pure, take a glass full of water and add some honey to it. If the honey goes down at the bottom of the glass and settles over there, it testifies that the honey is pure and safe to consume.

3. The Honeycomb Test

  • Pour some of your honey into a bowl and add some water. Try stirring this mixture in a clockwise direction and observe. If you can see hexagonal patterns forming in it, it means that the honey is extremely pure.

4. The Heat Test

  • To check if your honey is pure or not, dip a matchstick in honey and then try lighting it. If you face difficulty lighting the matchstick, it means the honey is not pure. If your honey is pure, matchstick might have lighted up easily.

5. The Cloth Test

  • As the name suggests this test is done just using a piece of cloth. Take some honey and pass it through a cloth. If the honey passes the cloth without making it wet and seamlessly, it justifies that the honey is pure.

Ways to Consume Farm Fresh Honey

  1. You can consume a spoonful of honey straight from the jar for getting relief from a cold and cough or sore throat.
  2. Honey is undoubtedly a natural sweetener and an immunity booster, so why not add it to your breakfast routine? You can consume it with toast or in sandwiches to reap its benefits and have a tasty breakfast.
  3. It’s time to ditch that harmful sugar and replace it with honey in your smoothies. They’ll add an amazing flavour and texture to your smoothie.
  4. Have you tried honey-dressed salad yet? If not, you should definitely try it. This will be one of the most amazing experiences of yours.

Farm Fresh Honey at Girveda

At Girveda, our aim is to deliver farm-fresh food products to your doorstep. And to achieve this we leave no stone unturned. Our beekeepers obtain honey in a cruelty-free manner from the beehives that we have set up in our dense jungles of the Gir Somnath region. This extremely fresh and pure honey without any processing is lab-tested and then packed with a lot of love and care to be delivered to every nook and corner. This is the journey of our honey; Gir Se Ghar Tak!

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