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Are Organic Food Products Good for Babies?

Are Organic Food Products Good for Babies?

Aug 05, 2022



According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global organic baby food market is valued at $8,715.0 million currently and is estimated to reach $34,818.7 million by 2031. In the retail sector, the demand for organic baby food is at ever time high after the pandemic. More and more families are adopting these food products as they are chemical-free and help in the growth and development of the baby.

How Organic Farming is Done?

Organic farming as the name suggests is done using organic fertilizers and composts. Crop diversity is one of the methods where people grow multiple crops so that the demand for multiple crops can be met. Another widely used method in organic farming is adding organic fertilizers to the soil as it loses its nutritional value after the crops are cultivated. Weeds are also lowered at particular intervals in organic farming. All of these methods are practised to have organic food products that are safe and healthy.

Pros and Cons of Organic Food for Babies

We all have heard and read that the organic food benefits are endless. But when it comes to babies we have to be extra cautious and understand in detail what are the pros and cons of giving organic food to babies. We did some research and here’s a list of observations that we have gathered.

1. Free from Harmful Chemicals

  • Every parent wants the best for their babies. Especially when it comes to food they want the food to be extremely safe and healthy. That’s why organic food is a better alternative compared to the chemically-grown food products available in the market. Organic food is grown without chemicals and pesticides and is safe to consume for babies.

2. Enhanced Taste and Flavour

  • We all have come across our grandparents and parents sharing that the fruits and vegetables don’t taste like they used to. It’s all due to the pesticides and chemicals used to boost the growth of fruits and vegetables. We do have seasonal products available across the year but they lack in everything; ranging from nutrients to taste and aroma. Organic food is grown without all of these so they taste amazing and babies love eating them.

3. Pure and Healthy

  • Organic food is undoubtedly pure and healthy. It is rich in antioxidants and is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. This helps in the proper growth of babies and boosts their immunity making it the preferred choice by mothers.

4. Fresh and Fit

  • Organic food products are not processed to preserve for a longer duration. There is no addition of fertilizers for artificial colour and flavouring of food. This enhances the freshness of the food products and also they look amazing. These fresh greens and foods benefit the baby as well as the mother’s body and help them in staying fit and fine.

5. Protects from Diseases

  • There are several studies that suggest that kids who consume organic food are less prone to get infected with wheezing and other diseases. It also decreases the prevalence of deficiency disorders in babies. On the other food, if kids have consumed chemically grown food, there are likely chances that they develop asthma or respiratory problems.

6. Might have Limited Options

  • When it comes to organic food, we have a few limited options. Also, organic food products are not easily available everywhere. Apart from these concerns, several researchers suggest that organic food might limit the certain nutrients and vitamins a baby gets from conventional food. Hence, it should always be a mix of what the baby is given.

The chemical-induced food products and fruits and vegetables have affected our health greatly. We all have weakened immunities as compared to earlier. This is the reason that people have started circling back to our roots. Farmers have started ditching chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides and switched back to natural farming. There are enumerated brands that are selling organic food online. Girveda bridges the gap between the farmers and people who wish to consume 100% natural and ayurvedic products by delivering a farm-to-kitchen supply at the doorstep. You can order your pack of the goodness of Gir and indulge in a healthier lifestyle.

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