The Vedic Significance of A2 Cow Ghee

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A2 Cow Ghee

From Ghee, and Ghrita to Clarified Butter, this golden elixir is recognized by many names and is a boon for mankind. A powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients, it helps in treating a variety of diseases and is a natural immunity booster. From kids to elderly people, it works wonders for all. 

Ghee is an inevitable part of our life since forever. Right from using it to light our morning diya to putting it on our hot, fluffy chapatis, ghee is used everywhere. Even our ancient Vedic scriptures and medical books mention the Vedic significance of ghee. 

Importance of Ghee in Ayurveda and Ancient Scriptures


1. Ghee – The Elixir of Life

Ghritasya dharamariten sambhritam

  • This line means, Stream of ghee- full of elixir. Since ancient times of our sages and rishis, cow ghee is well-known for its sattvic qualities. It also has medicinal and culinary importance and boosts immunity.

2. Preferred Food of Yogis

  •  A well-known Sanskrit text on Yoga – Gheranda Samhita mentions that “He who begins the practice of Yoga without controlling the diet suffers from many diseases and does not make progress in Yoga”.
  • To become a Yogi one should eliminate tamasic and rajasic food from their diet. They should consume only sattvic food. Ghee tops the list of sattvic food and it also takes care of the nervous system. As ghee balances all the agnis of the body, it is widely used by Yogis.

3. The Interrelation Between Ghee, Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Our mind and body are interrelated and directly affect each other. According to both Yoga and Ayurveda, consuming ghee daily can show positive results on the body and mind. When we perform meditation or pranayam our body generates a heat – tapas, that burns off the impurities. Ghee is believed to increase this heat and helps one in getting rid of these impurities.

4. Mention in Vedas

  • In Rigveda and Atharva Veda, there are various prayers where blessings are asked in the form of ghee, that may our house always stay full with this nutritious food. In Hatha Yoga Pradipika, it is written that “The sweet and nourishing food should be mixed with ghee and milk, nourishing all dhatus (tissues) and be pleasing and suitable.” Even Atharva Veda states how ghee can help in increasing one’s life span and also strengthen our body and immune system.

5. Spiritual Significance

  • Ghee is at the core of every spiritual ritual or puja. From lightening diyas in temples of cow ghee to using it in prasad and yagna, it holds utmost importance. Pure cow ghee used in Puja helps in increasing the intensity of fire which eliminates negativities, evil influences and ignorance. Even in Vedas, Yagya is considered a very essential and pious step.
  • The shastras mention Agni as the mouth of Gods and ghee is the food that we feed to gods in Yajna. This way Agni holds utmost spiritual significance.

6. The Core of Creation

  • From Dharmasutra, Bhagavat Gita to Rigveda, every scripture praises the benefits and significance of ghee. Prajapati, the lord of creatures made ghee with his own hands by churning it. Through this, he created his own offspring. This way cow ghee is at the core of creation as well as the universe. From an individual’s birth to death, ghee is used for every ritual.

Importance of Cow Ghee in Today’s Time

Our fast-paced lifestyle is taking our health and immunity for a toss. That’s why it’s essential to consume Satvik and pure desi ghee to maintain our health and immunity. Here are a few of the benefits of consuming ghee on a daily basis.

  • Cow ghee has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a cooling agent.
  • It is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients and boosts our health and immunity.
  • The butyric acid present in ghee helps in keeping the digestive health in check.
  • It is also used in Ayurvedic medicines as it easily absorbs nutrients.
  • It enhances energy levels and stabilizes the mood.
  • It is a boon for lactose-intolerant people.
  • It enhances the taste and nutrient constituent of food.

Ghee Prepared Using Bilona Method


A2 Cow Ghee prepared from the Bilona method is the best when it comes to nutrition and vitamins. The A2 milk obtained from Gir cows holds high nutritional value. This milk is hand-churned using Bilona and curd is taken out from it. This curd and butter are separated out. It is then slow-cooked on medium flame to preserve its nutrients. This hand-churned ghee helps in boosting immunity, and health and is considered a blessed potion for children and pregnant women.

At Girveda, we prepare highly nutritious A2 Cow Ghee from the A2 cow milk of Gir cows. This ghee is made without any additives or preservatives at all. We want our consumers to know what they eat. So to maintain utmost transparency and build a community of trust, we lab-test our products. Adding to that, every pack of A2 cow ghee has a unique QR code on it, which upon scanning displays the entire batch details, as well as the details of the Gaushala. You can also get your pack of pure and highly nutritious ghee of Gir at your doorstep.


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