Brahmi Ghee

Brahmi ghee is a brain booster. It enhances memory and concentration and over time it exerts a positive effect on, cognition, learning, and intelligence. Girveda’s Brahmi ghee is a rejuvenator that rejuvenates the mind, supports brain development in children, and has an anti-oxidant and adaptogenic effect on the central nervous system. In Ayurveda, Brahmi ghee has been essentially used for treating conditions like dyspepsia, urinary disorders, etc.

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100% Pure &



Environment for Cows

Made Using

Traditional Bilona Method

No Additives &


All Natural 

  • The A2 Cow Ghee used in Ayurvedic Ghee at Girveda is made traditionally using the Bilona method
  • It is obtained from the highly nutritious A2 milk of naturally pure-bred Gir cows without the use of any hormonal injections, chemicals, additives, or preservatives
  • All the herbs used in Ayurvedic Ghee of Girveda are grown organically, using Natural Farming methods
  • All of our Gir cows are grass-fed on multiple acres of lush green farmlands and are extremely cared for with a comfortable living

Know Your Gaushala

  • Our partner Gaushalas are carefully selected based on the adherence to the edicts of ethical and cruelty-free maintenance of the Gir cows
  • We pay all our partners fairly and procure the produce from their doorstep 
  • We help the Gaushala operators in taking proper care of all Gir cows cruelty-free and ensure that each cow is extremely cared for and provided with a comfortable standard of living.
  • The complete process is carefully monitored by Girveda, and we provide you with a batch-wise product tracing facility on our website
  • Scan the QR code printed on each Girveda package to know about your Gaushala, and the lab reports of the specific batch.

2 reviews for Brahmi Ghee

  1. Khyati gupta

    It enhances my memory

  2. Bhima

    Taste of a pure ghee in this chemical world is just so relief

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