Natural Farm Honey

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Natural Farm Honey

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Goodness Of Natural Farm Honey

The honey procured at Girveda is from hives that are the dwelling place of bees from natural farms. Bees are known to be the most fragile creatures in the world, with even the slightest hint of chemicals affecting them. We, at Girveda, ensure that the hives are maintained organically close to farms that practice Cow Based Natural Farming methods to grow their produce. At Girveda, we work with our beekeepers to have regular quality and lab tests done on each batch to be sure the quality is up to the mark.

Cow Based
Natural Farming
100% Vegan
& Locally Grown
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Chemical Free
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Girveda Sustainable And Helping Bee Farmers?

Girveda helps the beekeepers install all the machinery and necessary beekeeping infrastructure and equipment on their farms themselves, helping them add value to their produce, thus receive a better price for it. We pay all our beekeeper partners fairly and procure the produce from their doorstep. We help our experienced beekeepers by providing bee boxes for pollination which results in higher production and they are well-trained in the processes of extraction of raw honey. In addition to supporting local beekeepers, Girveda strives to be socially and environmentally sustainable by employing local manual labor and using eco-friendly sustainable packaging.

Which Honey Is The Best/Tastiest/Strongest?

Because our honey is all single-source, it has different benefits and flavors! We all have our personal favorites, and in the end, it mostly comes down to the individual. It’s best to try a few and see which works best for you. If you’re new to the world of natural honey, and you’re looking for a bit of guidance, though, we can offer a few tips:

  • Darker honey tends to have stronger flavors.
  • Lighter honey often has more floral flavors.
  • Darker honey tends to have a higher mineral content.
  • Lighter honey tends to crystalize more quickly.
  • Every honey has its properties, based on the plants and the nectar it comes from (eg: eucalyptus honey has a small bit of eucalyptus oil in it)
  • Some kinds of honey are very bitter, like roasted coffee beans or very dark chocolate.

I Just Received A Jar Of The Same Type Of Honey I Had Previously Ordered. Why Does It Taste/Look Different?

This is because all our honey is single-source (not taken from many places and blended) and it reflects the conditions of the area in which the bees are located. Our honey is extracted in its most unadulterated form by setting up bee boxes in areas abundant with flowers that carpet the Gir mountain range. Different times of the year and different years have different weather conditions, which means the local plants will grow differently, and therefore different nectars will be available for the bees to collect. All of this adds to the uniqueness of each honey. And don’t forget that honey is always changing, and the honey you ordered previously may have changed from runny to crystalized or somewhere in-between since you last ordered. So, even if you have ordered honey of the same type and the same batch, it may have become more crystalized since your last order.

How Do Beekeepers Get The Honey From The Hive?

The bees put their honey into the frames of their hives and seal it with wax. The beekeepers then collect some of the frames full of honey from the hive ready for extracting but always leave plenty of honey for the bees. The beekeepers only take the excess honey which they don’t need.

Does Natural Farm Honey Expire?

No! Natural farm honey never expires or goes off as long as it is kept in its container with the lid on (this prevents too much moisture from getting in, which may allow the yeasts in the honey to begin fermentation). It is unique amongst foods with its ability to stay good forever. Honey from hundreds and even thousands of years ago has been recovered from archeological sites and is still perfectly fine to eat. All honey is required to have a Best Before End (different from expiry) date, but this date is mostly to signify how long the beekeepers think it will be before the honey will be fully crystalized (some will crystalize far more quickly of course). The best before date also takes into account possible temperature variations and the repeated opening of the jars, which may, over time, degrade the color and flavor of the honey. In general, as long as it has been stored properly, honey past this date will still be perfectly safe and delicious no matter if it’s runny, fully crystalized, or somewhere in between.

Do You Use Antibiotics In Your Honey?

Natural farm honey is 100% antibiotic-free. Our beekeepers do not feed any kinds of antibiotics to bees.

Is Your Honey Free Of Pesticides And Chemicals?

Yes! Natural farm honey is unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized, and without any added preservatives or chemicals. It is 100% pure natural honey – directly harvested from the hive. The collected raw unprocessed honey is 100% antibiotic-free. We only partner with beekeepers that have 100% chemical pesticide and fertilizer-free natural farms, which enables them to collect natural raw honey. Our beekeepers maintain honey bee colonies commonly in man-made hives to collect natural and unprocessed raw honey. For this, we select many 100% chemical, pesticide, and fertilizer-free natural farms, and set up our bee boxes. The bees then collect the nectar from the flowers and produce raw natural honey.

My Honey Has Crystallized, What Should I Do?

Warm some water and set your jar in it for a warm-water bath. To preserve the rawness of natural unprocessed and unheated honey, keep the water below 95°F, which is the highest temperature we’ve recorded in beehives. Also, keep in mind that you can eat the honey in a crystallized form. Just scoop out of the jar and spread it on your toast or drop it in your tea!

What Are The Chief Benefits Of Natural Farm Honey?

Natural farm honey is unprocessed and unadulterated. It has all the essential nutrients rightly preserved. Girveda’s natural farm honey is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and selenium. Vitamins found in this honey include vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin. Its regular consumption will increase immunity, slow down aging, boost vitality and vigor.

How To Store The Natural Farm Honey?

Natural farm honey is best stored with the lid fully closed and out of direct sunlight. If you can keep it somewhere that stays a bit warm (but not too hot), then the honey will generally stay runny a bit longer as well. It can be stored indefinitely because it does not get spoilt and has even been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Most people keep their honey at room temperature as refrigeration is not necessary. If you like your honey thicker, then storing it in the fridge is your best option. As our natural honey is unprocessed and unadulterated, it can get crystallized over time in colder weather but this is perfectly fine as it is a natural process.

How Pure Is Our Natural Farm Honey?

At Girveda, we work with our beekeepers to have regular quality and lab tests done on each batch to be sure the quality is kept high. So far, we have never found any sign of contamination, adulteration, or alteration among our beekeepers. If we ever found one of our beekeepers to have engaged in deceptive practices, we would cut off our business relationship with them immediately and notify anyone affected. We make sure to work directly with the beekeepers instead of going through lots of middlemen. This includes regular visits to the hives and locations where the honey is produced. We also take part in beekeeping training to make sure we know exactly how and what to look for on our visits. This ensures that we know exactly where the honey has been produced, how it has been produced, and who has produced it. We build long-term relationships with our beekeepers over many years, establishing strong levels of trust. We only sell the highest quality, pure and natural farm honey – straight from the hives to your homes. Scan the QR code on your honey packaging to know:

  • The bee farm it came from
  • The beekeepers and caretakers of the bee farm
  • The lab report of the specific batch
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