Immunity Boosters

Goodness of Immunity Boosters

At Girveda, we leverage the age-old followed traditions and recipes, and naturally grown herbs to make authentic Immunity Boosters. The herbs used are grown at the foothills of Mount Girnar, using Cow Based Natural Farming methods, thereby preserving the purity of the herbs. Made from herbs and plant extracts as prescribed in Ayurveda, the range of Immunity Boosters is custom-curated keeping in mind the holistic wellbeing of everyone.

Cow Based
Natural Farming
100% Vegan
& Locally Grown
Pesticide &
Chemical Free
No Added

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Girveda’s products?

All of our products are grown by farmers using CBNF techniques and are completely devoid of harmful chemicals. They are cultivated using cow-based manures, pest repellents and other products, that ensures the soil stays pristine and healthy. This completely natural means of growing ensures 100% natural products, grown for their sheer nutritional properties.

Do these products have any side effects?

Our immunity boosters are 100% natural and pure and made at our in-house manufacturing facility. They are absolutely safe to consume. But in case you are prone to any allergies, you can get in touch with your healthcare professional.

Who should consume these immunity boosters?

Anyone and everyone can take these immunity boosters so that they can stay healthy and fit with the natural Ayurvedic nutrients they provide.

What are immunity boosters?

As the name suggests, these immunity boosters provide the necessary nutrients in addition to our regular diet and help enhance our immunity.

What are the areas in which you deliver?

We deliver throughout India.

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