Our Cause

At Girveda, we understand that we cannot create a sustainable, nature-focused health cycle without ensuring value for farmers. Which is why we have made it our mission to ensure that farmers get the benefits they deserve from turning towards Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF).

These benefits are almost immediately visible in certain ways. An increased dependence on fertilizers and pesticides can also come with a hefty bill. Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF), on the other hand, is zero budget natural farming. Which means that the farmer is incurring no extra costs and is cultivating his soil solely on the back of the resources he owns.

When a farmer initially joins the ranks of Girveda, the first steps are to help him get the soil clean. Throughout the process Girveda helps the farmers with techniques, natural recipes for improving soil health, as well as any kind of support they might require. Moreover, we also help them add value to their produce by helping them install processing machinery on their farms.

Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) empowers farmers to create a sustainable business without undue reliance on non-natural products. It adds value to what they grow, as well as the earth, creating a truly sustainable food ecosystem.

Bespoke CBNF

What We Do

How It Helps

Financial Independence

We believe that making CBNF viable for farmers is the most sustainable way of creating a nature-focused health cycle. This requires ensuring that the farmers escape the back-breaking debt cycle traditional farming imposes on them. CBNF is zero-budget natural farming, allowing farmers to operate within their means while growing quality produce. Over and above that, we give all our farmer partners the same fair price for the produce they deliver. The idea is to help them benefit from the premium pricing for natural, organic produce. Higher profit margins, lower operating costs, and a sustainable supply chain ensure the farmer becomes financially independent. There is complete transparency at all levels, and the farmers appreciate this by consistently delivering high standards of 100% natural produce.

Improving Soil Health

Our farmers are our first line of defence against any latent chemical presence in the soil. They work tirelessly to create a chemical free soil to produce 100% natural produce for food and Ayurvedic products. We work closely with our farmer partners in this duration to ensure that they have all the support they require in the interim. We provide expert-driven support to the farmers ensuring that their soil remains untouched by chemicals and continues to grow high quality produce. CBNF also requires practicing mulching which reduces the overall water consumption of the farm by improving the soil’s water retention capacities.

Creating Value

Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) is not just about bringing back traditional, nature-focused techniques of farming, but also ensuring the farmers benefit from using them. 1.97 lakh farmers have taken up organic farming in 2020, and every one of them needs our support to grow. We help the farmers add value to their products not just in the way they are grown, but by also upskilling them with modern processing methods. We help them set up machinery to process the produce on their own land, teach them the processes, and ultimately help them create more value for their products. Girveda’s supply chain ensures that the produce gets premium pricing because of its 100% natural properties, and this added value is reflected in the price the farmer gets for the raw materials they grow.

Increasing the CBNF Knowledge Bank

Every farmer in the Gir-Somnath region is a repository of knowledge. We work closely with farmers not only sharing our knowledge with them, but also learning from them. Through this, we are creating a support system for farmers practicing CBNF. A farmer knows his land the best, and once they learn the techniques of CBNF they begin experimenting with what works best for them. In such cases, often we are met with solutions that are also applicable for other farmers. We take it upon ourselves to bring such innovators to the fore and give them the platform to help other farmers, and in the process increase the CBNF knowledge bank.

Higher Profit Margins

The biggest hindrance for any farmer looking to switch to organic farming is the time invested versus the profits reaped. At Girveda, our cause is to help farmers reap a fair profit from the efforts they have invested in growing the produce. This involves giving them a better price than they receive from middle-men or other retailers. This zero-cost natural farming technique helps farmers increase their profit margins, while also growing highly nutritious produce that fetches a premium in the market. Moreover, with an assurance of great price along with constant day-to-day support, ensures that the farmer is always given top priority at Girveda.

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