Natural Farming 101 – Practising Chemical-free Farming at Your Home

Cow Based Natural Farming

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Natural Farming at Home Guide

In recent years, the concept of terrace gardening has grown immensely. People have started building their own little green spaces in their balconies and terraces. This idea has multiple benefits as it helps in establishing a greener and cleaner environment in our houses. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that indulging yourself in a few hours of farming at home or trying gardening can be a good form of exercise.

Another reason that people have retorted to this natural farming or organic farming method is that they can have their own home-grown fruits and vegetables. The excessive amount of chemical-induced food products in the market is leading to severe health problems. People are more aware than ever of the benefits of natural food products. That is why some have even started growing them in their homes. If you’re wondering about how to start natural farming, here’s an easy step-by-step guide for you.

Steps to Start Your Home Garden

Researches suggest that there has been a 25-30% increase in the demand for organic fruits and vegetable post-pandemic. People have retorted to natural farming and the products grown in a chemical-free manner to enhance their health and immunity. By following these quick steps, now natural farming made easy. 

1. Finding the Perfect Spot

  • Be it a vacant well-lit corner of your room, a window space, your bedroom balcony or a terrace, you need to start by picking the spot that works best for you. But also ensure that the spot you pick gets abundant sunlight, and has proper air ventilation. This helps the plants to grow easily.

2. Choosing the Plants

  • Based on the season, soil conditions and environmental conditions you can pick the plants you wish to begin with. We understand starting natural farming at home might be tempting. So you might get lost in the flow whether, to begin with, fruits, vegetables or plants. You can pick the one you wish to begin with that favours the environment and the season.

3. Sourcing the Materials

  • According to the studies of zero budget farming by Subhash Palekar, natural farming requires no investment and can be adapted easily by farmers or home gardeners. You can prepare the soil by removing the weeds, getting some potters or reusing the ones you have at home. Adding just cow dung can work as an amazing fertilizer. This way by using some simple materials available at home, and taking utmost care of the plants, you can set up your home garden.

4. The Post Care Process

  • There are innumerable videos available about natural farming made easy. But all of these videos mention how important it is to take care of your green friends and be patient while they grow. Just like babies, they need to be nurtured, taken care of, given love and attention and watered on a timely basis, so they grow well and strong. You can always attend online workshops, and seminars, read blogs and learn more about plant care.

Indoor Natural Farming Types for Beginners

For cow based natural farming or natural farming, all you need is good soil, light, and water and you’re all set. Once you have these basics, you can try growing your veggies and fruits using the following methods.

1. Vertical Farming

  • Don’t have enough space, to begin with? Well, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, you can try vertical farming at your place. As the name suggests, this farming method is extremely easy where the food is grown vertically. Here they are stacked in a way that doesn’t take up much space. This natural farming method also saves lots of water and has an increased food output. With vertical farming, which is also known as skyscraper farming in some places, you can grow anything, ranging from succulents to vegetables. Tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, and aloe vera are most commonly grown using vertical farming.

2. Hydroponics

  • Hydroponics is basically a soil-less farming method. Instead of using nutrient-rich soil, this method uses nutrient-rich water to grow plants and helps plants grow 50% faster. This method is great as there is no need to add herbicides for growth. You can grow tomatoes, capsicum, and leafy greens which don’t take up much space using this natural farming method.

Farming at Terrace/Home

3. Aeroponics

  • This zero budget natural farming method works best for indoor farming and is similar to the hydroponics method. The plants grown using this method require fewer nutrients and water, are healthier and grow faster compared to other methods. This method uses no growing medium. Instead, the roots are hung in a dark chamber and at specific intervals, high-nutrient soil is sprayed onto them.

4. Greenhouse

  • If you wish to grow food for the entire year in your very own home, this is the best farming method. Using this very popular natural farming method, you can grow vegetables, ornamentals and tropicals at your place. This method allows the farmers to grow their plants in a controlled climate to ensure proper growth.

These are some of the natural farming methods that you can practice in your terrace garden. But if they seem difficult you can always take baby steps. You can start with a few flowering plants and veggies in potters. This will help you in understanding the plant care 101 and you can have your own chemical-free products too.

Adding to that, if you do not wish to get into the hassle of natural farming and still opt for chemical-free food products, you have a wide array of options ahead of you. As the demand for natural food products is increasing, now there are brands that are delivering chemical-free food products at your doorstep. Girveda, based out of the fertile lands of Girnar, is on a mission to nourish the society with a farm-to-kitchen supply of 100% natural food products grown using the Cow Based Natural Farming method. These products are lab-tested and you can verify their authenticity by scanning the QR code on their packaging to get a detailed lab report. It’s time to step up and switch to chemical-free alternatives for a healthier tomorrow!


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