Is the Chilli Powder Available in Market Pure? Find Out Using These DIY Tests


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Commonly known as Lal Mirch, the red chilli powder is made from dried red chillies and does the amazing work of adding flavour, smell and spiciness to the dish. It is used generously in almost every dal, sabzi and rice dish. 

Usually, there are two types of chilli based on colour and spiciness available in the market. The Kashmiri red chilli powder has dark red colour but is less spicy. On the other hand, the Reshampatti chilli powder is less bright in colour but has an extremely spicy flavour. This bifurcation is often needed as people come up with this question that which chilli gives red colour. As both these powders complement each other, a combination of them is usually consumed in Indian households. But the one thing that people miss and do not know is how to check adulteration in chili powder. Due to the high demand, most of the chilli powder found is adulterated.

Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder

Red chilli powder is one of the most common spices of Indian cuisine. Almost every dish is incomplete, without a pinch of red chilli powder. Here’s a list of a few health benefits of why we have been consuming this fiery spice since time immemorial.

  • Aids Digestion – Red chilli powder improves your intestinal health by reducing the harmful bacteria in your gut.
  • Anti-inflammatory – The presence of capsaicin reduces the inflammation and pain in your muscles and joints.
  • Improves Immunity – Red chilli powder is enriched with Vitamin C which helps your body in fighting against diseases and infections, as well as strengthens your immune system.
  • Improves Skin and Hair Health – Vitamin E works as an antioxidant, Vitamin A helps in moisturizing while Vitamin C improves collagen production. As chilli powder has all of this in abundance, it helps in improving your skin and hair health.
  • Monitor Blood Pressure – Capsaicin and potassium present in red chilli powder helps in improving blood circulation, as well as maintaining your blood pressure levels.
  • Supports Weight Loss – Red chilli powder is well-known for burning excess fat and reducing your appetite. This not only improves your metabolism but also helps in losing a few extra kilos.
  • Improves Heart Health – Capsaicin, the hero component present in chilli powder helps in reducing triglycerides, cholesterol and platelet aggregation in the blood. This helps in improving your heart health and also prevents the formation of blood clots.
  • Aids Eye Health – Just a teaspoon of red chilli powder is enriched with 9% RDA of Vitamin A. This can help in preventing diseases such as night blindness and improve your eye health.

DIY Chilli Powder Adulteration Tests

The domestic market of chilli powder is extremely huge. India has 20 to 25 huge market players that have been exporting chilli powder to various countries. This gives us a rough idea of how vast the chilli powder industry is and its demand. To meet these demands and make profits out of it, most of the chilli powder sold in the market is adulterated. These vendors mix brick salt, sand, soapstone or other cheap additives to increase the weight of chilli powder. So, if you’re wondering how to know if the chilli powder at your home is pure or not, here are a few easy and DIY chilli powder adulteration tests that can be performed just using a glass of water.

      Check the Presence of Brick Powder

  • Mixing up brick powder in the red chilli powder is an extremely common form of adulteration. This can be done easily due to similarity in colour, and adding to that brick powder increases the weight of chilli powder.
  • To check the presence of brick powder, add one spoonful of chilli powder to a glass of water and let it settle for a while. After that, take the solid mixture that has settled at the bottom of the glass and rub it on your palm. If you experience grittiness, it indicates the presence of brick powder or sand in the chilli powder. This test is the simplest for people who are wondering how to check adulteration in chilli powder.

      Check the Presence of Artificial Colorants

  • To make the chilli powder more presentable and appealing, local vendors often add artificial colourants to it. These artificial colourants are available at extremely cheap rates and enhance the look and feel of the chilli powder, but in reality, harms us.
  • To check if the chilli powder is adulterated with artificial colourants, add a spoonful of red chilli powder in a transparent glass full of water. If you notice that there is a streak of colour, it exerts the presence of additives. This is a sign to stop using that chemical-induced chilli powder.

     Check the Presence of Soapstone

  • Soapstone is mixed at times in red chilli powder and it’s hard to detect just by looking at it. To check the presence of soapstone, dissolve a spoonful of red chilli powder to water and let it settle for a while. Now, you can take the residue on your palm, and try rubbing it. If the texture feels soapy and slippery, it confirms the adulteration using soapstone. This residue can also be a bit whitish in colour.

     Check the Presence of Starch

  • During summers, we often stock up chilli powder in bulk. These bulk powder vendors usually mix starch with it, and we fail to recognize it. 
  • You can check the presence of starch by adding a few drops of iodine solution to the chilli powder. If the colour of powder changes to bluish from red, it might be the presence of starch in it. If the chilli powder is pure, it will not exhibit colour change. 

The red chilli powder can be stored for 10-12 months and are purchased in bulk during summers. If you explore the market areas, you might get to know the chilli powder 1 kg price over there. These prices might be less as compared to other stores, but these powders are also to fail the chilli powder adulteration test. To ensure just the pure and unadulterated red chilli powder reaches our people, the Red Chilli powder at Girveda is 100% naturally grown using Cow Based Natural Farming. Every one of our partner farmers uses organic manures and pesticides. So, every packet is filled with the goodness of nature, love and warmth of the lands of Girnar. 


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