History of Indian Authentic Spices and Their Benefits

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History of Indian Authentic Spices and Their Benefits

The history of Indian spices dates back to the 1st century BC. Many medical scriptures and writings such as Charak Samhita and Sushruta mention the usage of these spices for medicinal purposes. These spices were used to prepare various Ayurvedic medicines and have endless health benefits. Here are a few unknown facts and benefits of authentic Indian spices.

Unknown Facts and Benefits of Authentic Indian Spices


India produces an average of 10m MT of spices every year. These century-old spices have some surprising historic usage events and benefits. Here are all the details about the same.

1. Turmeric Powder


Turmeric Powder


  • Turmeric is also known as the golden spice and is one of the oldest culinary spices. It was used for Vedic medicines. Even today, we have been using turmeric for our skin, health and beauty. Commonly known as Haldi, this word is derived from a Sanskrit word,  haridra. This ancient herb is gaining immense popularity and you can find over 10,000 scientific research papers stating the benefits of turmeric.
  • Amongst all the anti-inflammatory compounds in the world, turmeric is the most effective one. It also reduces the risk of ulcers and eliminates toxins from our liver. A research paper suggests that regular consumption of turmeric can help in eliminating the plaque and bad cholesterol from your arteries. It even helps in decreasing the risk of heart-related diseases. 

2. Red Chilli Powder


Girveda Red Chilli Powder


  • Even though red chillies were brought to India by the Portuguese back in the 15th century, today India is the largest producer of red chillies. Due to the distinct flavour, aroma and taste it brings to our food, it has become one of the most widely and commonly used spices in the Indian kitchen. Surprisingly, there are more than 400 types of chillies that exist.
  • This flaming red spice causes a lot of pain when consumed, but guess what, it is also a natural painkiller. They are a powerhouse of vitamins and help burn off your excess fat at a great speed. Some researchers also suggest that chilli powder can help reduce your insulin levels and manage diabetes.

3. Coriander Cumin Powder

  • One of the oldest spices of Indian civilization, there are mentions of Coriander-cumin powder in Sanskrit, Bible and Egyptian writings. Also popularly known as Dhaniya-jeera powder, we can use coriander and cumin as herbs as well as spices.
  • This popular Indian spice also has enumerated health benefits. If you consume a glass of coriander water every morning, it can help you in getting radiant and glowing skin. As it has the compound Coriandrum, it helps in lowering cholesterol levels. A few ancient practices also suggest that it can help maintain your blood sugar levels and also regulate bowel movements.

4. Cumin Seeds


Cumin Seeds


  • Originated during biblical times, the history of cumin seeds dates back to 5000 years. This culinary spice was a mummification ingredient of Egyptians for their pharaohs. There has also been mention about a few middle-age traditions where the bride and groom if carry cumin seeds during the wedding ceremony, can lead a happy married life.
  • If someone is suffering from frequent bloating, acidity or stomach problems, consuming jeera water can provide relief. It also helps in boosting immunity as it has an abundance of iron and fibre. It also fights acne, fine lines and premature greying due to its anti-ageing properties. 

5. Mustard Seeds


Rai/Mustard Seeds


  • The new testament in Bible mentions the mustard seeds as a symbol of faith. Physicians such as Hippocrates used it for medicinal purposes. Today, mustard is the largest spice by volume that is produced globally. There are multiple ways to use these pungent tasting seeds that have over 40 varieties.
  • The magnesium in mustard seeds works as a pain reliever and also soothes headaches and migraines. A study suggests that they help in reducing the effect of carcinogens, making them a boon for cancer patients. They enhance our digestive system and also help with cardiovascular problems. It not only strengthens your hair, nail and teeth but also works as an anti-ageing agent.

6. Fenugreek Seeds


Fenugreek seeds benefits


  • One of the oldest medicinal plants, almost every part of fenugreek from stem to leaves has medicinal use. Even today in Egypt, bread is made from fenugreek seeds. Chinese use Fenugreek seeds when one is experiencing weakness in the legs.
  • The oil obtained from fenugreek is used widely in hair care treatments. This spice helps in flavouring food as mostly used to temper various dishes. In some regions, it is an alternative to curry powder. It improves breast milk production and flow and also helps in weight loss.

Natural Spices at Girveda

Every Indian dish is incomplete without authentic and flavourful spices. These spices not only elevate our food but also elevates our health. The ruthless use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has saturated the naturally fertile lands of India with dangerous chemicals that creep into the food grown on this soil. Hence, at Girveda the spices and condiments are grown using Cow Based Natural Farming Methods. These 100% natural and chemical-free spices are exactly what you need to boost your health and immunity. Explore our wide range of authentic Indian spices and indulge in the goodness of Gir.


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