Gir-Somnath Region

The Gir mountains are considered to be sacred by many cultures. A profusion of temples and some truly ancient structures have made Girnar a favoured pilgrimage destination. From Jainism to Hinduism, Girnar has a number of wondrous architectural monuments.

The Gir-Somnath district was a part of Junagadh until 2013 and is bordered by the Arabian Sea at the south. The region’s soil is naturally rich, and is home to a number of valuable indigenous flora and fauna. In fact Gujarat has the highest percentage of India’s endemic flora, with Junagadh and Gir-Somnath housing a large portion of the same. This is evidenced by the Gir forest and the naturally verdant setting of the region. Produce from this region is sought after and relished around the world. Gir-Somnath’s Kesar mangoes are famous globally and are a huge export for the region. This is also true for a variety of herbs indigenous to the region like fenugreek, cumin, and others. The region is also famed for its groundnut production; this is why it also houses India’s only Groundnut Research Institute in Junagadh.

The rich agricultural heritage of this region is also possible in a large part because of the unique cows of the Gir-Somnath region. The Gir Cow is just one of the many unique animals of the region, a true friend of the farmer for centuries now. On the other end of the spectrum is the Asiatic Lion, the only place outside of Africa where lions roam freely in the wild. As a region steeped in culture, in an undeniable symphony with nature, Gir-Somnath is home to a breed of farmers who understand the need for natural farming. It is a confluence of ideologies that has allowed us to make Gir-Somnath the home of Girveda.

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Why Gir-Somnath Region?

We are from Gir-Somnath Region

Girveda was born in Junagad and the Gir-Somnath region, and continues to operate and contribute to the growth of this region. Girveda is an initiative of the Noble Group, a group that brings a 26+ year legacy of excellence and quality to the regions of Junagadh and Gir-Somnath. As children of Gir, we are dedicated to uplifting the region’s economy, and continuing its close symbiosis with the natural ecosystems. All of our efforts, from construction, to education, to medicine, to farming are dedicated and derived to further our efforts to make the world realize the incredible potential of the region.


The Noble Group has invested heavily in uplifting the education of the region. With institutions like Eklavya Kids, Eklavya Global School, and Noble Group of Institutions, the Noble Group has committed itself to enhancing the quality of school and college education in Junagadh.

Real Estate

The Noble Group’s superlative designs, innovative ideas, top-notch amenities, timely completion, guaranteed possession and handover of projects has made them the builders of choice in the region. Noble Group’s Suraj Cineplex, built nearly a decade ago, continues to be the only advanced multiplex in the city.


We have made sustainability the cornerstone for every one of our projects. This becomes even more important considering the fragile ecology of the region. Sustainable agriculture has become a chief desire for us at the Noble Group, inspiring us to create what you know as Girveda.


The Noble Ayurveda College and Research Institute and Hospital, situated adjacent to the Gir forest continues sharing the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. With our own model farm and in house laboratories and testing facilities, we create, test and disseminate naturally grown Ayurvedic products for holistic health.

Sights of the Gir-Somnath

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The Somnath Temple

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The Gir National Park

This national park is home to the only lions outside of the African Continent.

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Girnar Mountain

Standing 3672 feet tall, Girnar is an ancient mountain, older even than the Himalayas

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