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A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
A2 Cow Ghee
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Good for Heart

Improves Bone Health

Helps Monitor Cholestrol Levels

Boosts Immunity & Strength

Girveda's A2 Cow Ghee is made from the nutrition-rich A2 milk of Gir cows. It's one of the richest sources of linoleic acid and has various medicinal benefits. Made using the traditional Bilona method, we keep the process heat at a minimum to preserve maximum nutrition. In short, it is slow-cooked to perfection with patience. It has all the essential macro and micronutrients that fulfill the daily dietary requirements of the body - a rich source of antioxidants and vital vitamins like Vitamins B2, B12, B6, C, E, K, Omega-3, and Omega-9 fatty acids and healthy amino acids.

Empowering 200+ Farmer Friends

From the Lands of Gir-Somnath

100% Natural and Lab-Tested

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Health is Wealth.

When I ordered firsttime and quality was superb. Pure and its really really good. I must recommended to my friends and family. Thank you.

A2 gir cow ghee

Delivery delayed enormously..I have to go to courier office after lots of follow up & pick the parcel instead of conveyed well in advance that self has to go out station.. Please avoid sending parcel through
Delivery courier being very irregular

Kanaiyalal Soni
Delivery problem in shedule time

Timely not received parcel


Product is pure.


Darun ghee.. kheye mon bhore jai.

Why You Should Definitely Try It

Goodbye to Excess Belly Fat

We have often come across the question, “Does ghee increase belly fat?.” Or that we need to burn the fats in order to keep our weight in check. But, the reality is we need to eliminate just the excess bad fat found in junk food. The good fat found in desi ghee helps in improving our metabolism, and also reduces belly fat. Isn’t that wonderful?

Monitors Blood Sugar Levels

If you wish to measure the glycemic acid of any food item, it depends on how quickly it causes our blood sugar levels to rise on consumption. Adding just a spoonful of ghee to food helps in regulating our blood sugar levels by reducing the glycemic acid. So, instead of weight gain, desi cow ghee actually helps in losing weight naturally.

      For a Better Gut, Skin and Hair Health

Ghee is well known for regulating the smooth functioning of the digestive system and gut hormones. This enables the secretion of insulin, resulting in managing diabetes. The cherry on the cake you ask? A healthier gut leads to healthier skin and hair, making ghee the best alternative for skin and improved body functioning.

Ways To Include Ghee In Your Daily Diet

What Makes our A2 Cow Ghee Special?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Girveda Desi Cow Ghee a bit expensive as compared to other ghee available in the market?

Girveda's A2 cow ghee is hand churned using traditional Bilona method from the nutrition-rich A2 cow milk. 
What is A2 Cow milk? And how is it different then the regular milk?
Regular milk, often referred to as A1 milk, contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins. On the other hand, A2 cow milk contains only the A2 beta-casein protein. We obtain this nutrition-rich cow milk from our Gir Cows.
How can we check the purity of Girveda's Ghee?
Every pack of ghee that is delivered has a QR code on it. You can scan this QR code, enter the batch number printed on the packaging and get a detailed lab report of the purity of the ghee.
Can A2 cow ghee be consumed by people following a ketogenic or low-carb diet?
Yes ofcourse! A2 Cow Ghee is made using the traditional Bilona method from the nutritious milk of Gir cows and is easily digestible. Even the nutritionists and doctors have cleared the air and shared the benefits of consuming ghee for weight loss and including it in the diet plans.
Is A2 cow ghee suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals?
A2 Ghee is safe for people with lactose intolerance because it’s devoid of milk sugar lactose. It is rich in lactic acid, which promotes digestion and helps maintain intestinal health. And with its high butyral acid content, Ghee aids digestion and boosts the immune system.
Are there any alternative uses for A2 cow ghee outside of cooking?
Ghee can help with literally everything! It can be used in your face mask as a moisturizer, or for your hair. It can also be consumed with warm water or milk for a healthy gut.

A Detailed Guide on Anything and Everything about A2 Cow Ghee


India has its own mythological and scientific reasons for the consumption of ghee. But, doctors across the world have also stated that, when compared with butter, ghee is given the foremost priority in feeding kids. Ghee being rich in flavour and fat immensely contributes to building the strength and immunity of babies in their growing years. Here’s a list of how consuming ghee can benefit babies. 


Ghrita, commonly known as ghee in our routine lives, holds immense importance in Indian culture since 1500 B.C. The benefits of ghee for health are endless. Rigveda contains enumbered references to the importance of ghee in Ayurveda, why to consume it in our daily diet, and how beneficial it is for our health. Based on Charak Samhita, ghee works as a magic potion for enhancing our immunity and overall health.


Every Indian meal is incomplete without a hot drizzling spoon of ghee. Not only that, even Ayurveda states that consuming pure ghee improvises our immunity by reaching every single cell of the body. A natural source of antioxidants, ghee pure is recommended by health advocates and dieticians across the world. Cow Ghee is referred to as liquid gold in today’s time and Ghrita in ancient times.

A2 Cow Ghee

₹ 999.00
₹ 999.00