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Vasa Herb Benefits in Winter

7 Reasons Why Vasa Herb is Your Best Friend This Winter

Nov 11, 2022



Winter is coming!

And with it comes the satan of seasonal illnesses like the cold, flu, cough, and sore throat among many others. As the temperature lowers, so does our body’s defence mechanism to fight against these viruses. The body is not as strong at fighting a virus when cold air enters the nose and upper airways, so viruses such as the common cold and flu are often more easily spread in the winter.

For a lot of people, winter is reminiscent of a wonderful time, full of cosy wool and sweaters, warm tea, and piping hot pakoras. For others, it is a time to dig out their beloved Nani & Dadi ke nushke to defeat the winter fever a.k.a. the holy guide of cold and cough remedies at home.

While our grandparents have held and passed on some timeless remedies, the brutal wake of COVID-19 was proof, that sometimes we need to bring in further reinforcements to protect ourselves to the fullest.

Ayurveda + Modern Science = The Sweet Spot

Combining the knowledge of the age-old Ayurveda & modern science is where we should be headed. And that is exactly what we’re here to help with. Read this blog further to discover a vital winter wellness essential, Girveda’s potent ayurvedic ghee made from the natural expectorant vasaka or vasa herb. But what exactly is vasaka, and what are vasaka’s uses? Can it be a good enough cough remedy to compete with the legacy of our elders? Let’s get straight into it and find out.

What Is Vasaka?

Vasaka, also known as Malabar Nut, is an ayurvedic plant that enhances respiratory and other bodily systems. It has a wide range of curative properties and is an excellent way to combat many illnesses.

The plant has an array of medicinal properties and is the ultimate remedy to remedy breathing troubles, cough, colds, nasal congestion, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory tract infections.

Vasaka’s healing properties are known to calm the Pitta ( fire and air) and Kapha (earth and water) doshas while getting rid of the AMA doshas from the body.

Vasaka Uses: Multiple Health Benefits

1. Cures Cough & Cold

  • Frequent coughing and throat congestion can be troublesome and lead to a lot of discomforts, making it hard for you to relax and get your much-needed rest at night. Vasaka possesses anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties and is a popular choice for treating common cold, cough, and flu symptoms. It also reduces chest and nasal congestion, eliminates excess sputum, and prevents nasal discharge. Even those suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis can experience immense relief.

2. Prevents Infections

  • One of the best-known benefits of Vasaka is its ability to fight off infections. The Malabar nut tree contains antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties that help ward off infections while protecting our bodies. In addition to being an anti-inflammatory agent, this is a powerful detox system to clear the body’s harmful waste accumulation in the liver and kidneys. Adding to that, this powerful plant is an important ingredient in the formulation of various Ayurvedic as well as traditional medicines.

3. Cares for your Skin

  • Vasaka has been used as an effective anti-bacterial and antioxidant in skin care products over time. Used topically, it helps minimize the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. It also prevents chapped lips and helps in making smooth, younger-looking skin. Vasaka plays a significant role in treating acne, eczema, boils, and warts. Malabar oil is one of the best natural skin treatment solutions which works well as a moisturizer. Its antiseptic properties also make it a great option for treating wounds and injuries.

4. Good for Gut Health

  • Vasaka herb is an excellent remedy for upset stomach, indigestion, and heartburn. Being a powerful digestive and appetite stimulant, Vasaka helps increase the absorption of essential nutrients through the intestines. It also breaks down food particles in the stomach and intestine and so helps promote digestion, elimination, and delivery of these important nutrients to our cells. It is a wonderful aid in correcting stomach gas and flu-like symptoms and soothes the entire digestive tract.

5. The Perfect Blood Purifier

  • Vasaka boosts heart health. A herb with a diverse range of medicinal properties, including cardiovascular benefits. It is known to exert its anti-coagulant and anti-fibrinolytic properties by preventing blockage, formation, and rupture of clots in the body. It helps purify the blood and boosts immunity by boosting white blood cells count. Studies show that Vasaka lowers high blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels.

6. Treats Ulcers

  • Vasaka leaves are renowned for their anti-ulcer properties. They are used in Indian traditional medicines to treat ulcers and sores in various parts of the body. The leaves contain many bioactive elements, including flavonoids and saponins, which help reduce inflammation in the body.

7. Reduces Joint Pain & Inflammation

  • Vasaka herb is used as a potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving agent. It helps reduce pain and tenderness in case of arthritis and joint pain by decreasing the elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. It also helps eliminate inflammation by acting as a natural vasodilator.

Girveda’s Gift for Winter Wellness – Vasa Ghee

Say hello to our unique Ayurvedic formulation of Vasa Ghee. Made from the highly nutritious A2 cow ghee and locally grown Vasa herb.

The best part? Its blend with our most-loved A2 cow ghee makes nutrient absorption much more easier and effective. This unique Ayurvedic formulation is made using age-old traditional methods and being a potent cardiac tonic, it is extremely essential in purifying the blood.

For all your winter allergies, try our Vasa Ghee.

Know More About Girveda

At Girveda, we leverage the age-old followed traditions and recipes, and naturally grown herbs to make authentic Ayurvedic products. The herbs used are grown at the foothills of Mount Girnar, using Cow Based Natural Farming methods, thereby preserving the purity of the herbs. Made from herbs and plant extracts as prescribed in Ayurveda, the range of products is custom-curated keeping in mind the holistic well-being of everyone. You can try these products and reap the medicinal benefits of Vasaka.

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