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Why People Are Switching to Organic Food Post-pandemic?

Jan 19, 2022



Research by World Economic Forum research and consumer survey states that by 2030 India will no longer be an economy led by the bottom of the pyramid, but by the middle-class. People have established the dire need to boost their immunity and health prior to anything. Medicines can definitely treat us when we are sick, but in general, we need to switch to a healthier and cleaner lifestyle to increase our as well as our family’s longevity.

The pandemic boosted the demand for organic food products as people prone to a healthier immunity were safe during those times. Almost, every organic store observed a 25-30% increase in sales, especially in fruits and vegetables. The better taste, aroma, high vitamin, and nutritional components being the primary factors, supported by environmental sustainability have made organic food the preferred choice.

Why Switch to Organic Food Products?

We all have witnessed a sudden rise in the demand for organic food post-pandemic. As we all are moving, back to basics here is a list of reasons why you definitely should opt for a healthier lifestyle.

1. Improved Immunity

  • We all have been testimony that how all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables are available the entire year. The food grown using conventional farming methods has the end goal of having a high yield and production. And for the same, they use an extensive amount of chemicals. This has all led to deteriorating health conditions, lower immunity, and food that is dull in taste and flavour.
  • On the other hand, the food grown using organic methods is chemical-free and tastes wonderful too. In the longer run, consuming organic food products has also led to increased immune health. Also, this food also has a high amount of vitamins and minerals that boost the overall health of a person.

2. Rich in Antioxidants

  • A number of scientific studies have proved how consuming food rich in antioxidants can strengthen your immunity and overall health. Organic food has no genetic alteration and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Research has shown positive results that these food products are rich in antioxidants. The presence of antioxidants in organic food has also helped in preventing premature ageing, heart problems, cancer, and cognitive malfunctions.

3. High Nutrition

  • Organic milk, organic meat, and other organic food products have been believed to have extremely high nutritional content as they are free from chemicals and pesticides as compared to the food products obtained from conventional farming. These food products are the best alternatives because the cultivation process slow in nutrition-rich soil. Hence, these food products help in increasing the nutrition level of one’s body.

4. Enhanced Overall Health

  • The chemicals induced in the soil as well as externally used for farming are one of the biggest reasons for our deteriorating health conditions. The food grown organically is not processed using chemical pesticides or fertilizers and hence does not affect our health. Adding to that, natural techniques such as green manures, crop rotation, and other environment-friendly practices are undertaken for a safer and healthier output. Hence, consuming organic food helps in enhancing overall health.

5. Better Taste

  • By the time we have established the fact how organic food helps in increasing our immune health, these food products are also believed to taste exceptionally well. As organic food has no external chemicals and has a slow process, these agricultural practices make it better in taste, aroma and quality.

6. Environment Friendly

  • The food products grown using conventional farming methods not only affect our health but also harms the environment. The excessive use of chemicals pollutes the soil, air, water, and other environmental resources. Contrary to that, organic food is grown using natural fertilizers which does equivalent harm to the environment and leads us to a healthier and safer tomorrow.

7. Foodborne allergies and illnesses

  • During the pandemic, we have been a testimony to how the people suffering from previous illnesses or allergies affect largely. Adding to that, the dairy products and poultry food products practicing conventional farming have led to allergies upon consumption. By opting for organic food, you will be free from these worries and have a healthy lifestyle.

The Future of Organic Food Products

No denial that we are witnessing the organic storm with this continuous increase in the demand for organic food. In support of that, we have this report by HealthCareers which states that organic food is projected to reach $375,98 billion by 2025. Adding to the health and environmental concerns, the awareness amongst the millennials is also a major reason for the boost of the organic industry. Today, Gen Z is conscious more than ever, of their health, and they have been the torchbearers of the organic storm. These all pointers are proof that the future of organic food products is bright.

Safe Shopping Post-pandemic

Apart from the demand for organic food products, another thing that has hit a toll is the eCommerce industry. People fear getting an infection while stepping out. So, they opt for online shopping which helps in avoiding contact with unnecessary crowds. Safe shopping is the new normal. So, the middle ground that is best for both worlds is affordable organic stores. People can shop for their favourite food products online and get their delivery at their doorstep without getting in the hassle of stepping out. So, even post-pandemic organic food is to become a habit.


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