Are You Aware of These Various Types of Chemical-Free Farming Methods?

Cow Based Natural Farming, Gir-Somnath Region

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Chemical-free Farming

With about 60 to 70% population dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, the Indian food industry has been growing leaps and bounds since forever. But the one thing that has been immensely affecting the soil and food quality of our agrarian nation is the excessive use of chemicals. To increase the yield, in the past few years, farmers have retorted to pesticides, chemicals and additives for a faster yield. But these chemical-induced food products not only deteriorate the soil quality but also affects our health to a large extent. The only solution to this problem is going back to our roots. Switching back to age-old traditional farming methods that are chemical-free and also don’t burn a hole in the pocket of our farmer friends.

A report by WHO suggests that 4,20,000 people die every year due to eating contaminated food globally, of which 1,25,000 are children under 5 years of age. That’s why it’s important more than ever to switch to chemical-free farming methods. Here’s a detailed guide on what natural farming is and how it can help you enhance your immunity. 

Natural Farming

Natural farming or also known as cow-based natural farming is an age-old method of farming. This method used fertilizers made from cow dung and other natural products. It is also known as zero budget natural farming due to its cost-effectiveness for the farmers. This chemical-free farming method also helps in the conservation of soil, air water and other natural resources.

The basic principles of Cow Based Natural Farming are as follows:

  • Ensuring 365-day crop cover
  • Keeping the soil undisturbed
  • Using indigenous seeds
  • Integrating cow-based products
  • Improving organic content in the soil
  • Managing infestations with cow-based treatments
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • Ensuring the farmer’s growth

Another reason that more and more farmers are switching to natural farming is that it helps them in becoming debt-free. An NSSO report suggests that 70% of farmers incurred heavy debt due to chemical farming. This is due to low yield and higher costs than earnings. By practising Cow Based Natural Farming for a longer time, the soil can regain its nutrients and minerals, and the yield will also improve exponentially.

Organic Farming

What would be the best definition of organic farming? To answer this question, also known as ecological farming or biological farming is yet another chemical-free farming method. This method helps in maintaining environmental health by reducing pollution levels, improving soil health, reducing the cost of agricultural production, and keeping agricultural production at a sustainable level. Organic fertilizers help in adding the required nutrients to the soil and also prevent extra weeds. Hence, practising a proper disease management system can help in maintaining the plants disease-free. The wide use of this method is due to the benefits organic farming has on the ecological system. Organic farming advantages and disadvantages, both should be considered by farmers before picking their preferred method of farming.

How Is Natural Farming Different From Organic Farming?

Often it is believed that natural farming and organic farming are just the same, but it’s not true. They are similar, but not the same. Here are a few differentiating factors between both of these farming methods.

  • When it comes to organic farming, we add vermicompost and other organic fertilizers. While in cow-based natural farming, we add only cow based natural additives.
  • In organic farming, we perform certain practices like weeding, ploughing, and titling mixing of manures. This helps in the absorption of nutrition in the soil. On the other hand, in natural farming, such additional activities are not mandatory.
  • When it comes to cost-effectiveness, organic farming is a bit expensive when compared to natural farming. Organic farming requires the purchase of bulk manures and needs a budget to maintain the ecological balance. On the other hand, cow-based natural farming requires no such investment. This is the reason natural farming is also commonly known as zero budget natural farming.

Why Chemical-free Farming Is the Future?

Howsoever technologically we advance, we are circling back to our roots to maintain our health and environmental conditions. The increasing number of cardiovascular diseases and cancer has brought awareness to everyone that chemicals have been highly impacting our overall health and disturbing the ecological balance. Here are a few reasons why natural farming is definitely our future.

  • Minimum investment – Natural farming needs no initial investment. All you need is farmland to begin. This farming method uses fertilizer of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, sugarcane and all, which are extremely low-budget and do not burn a hole in the pocket of farmers.
  • Multi-cropping – In this farming method, the advantage is that multi-cropping is encouraged.
  • Pest control – In CBNF, pests and insects are controlled in a 100% natural manner using Dashparni ark and Neem Astra.
  • Debt-free – This method helps farmers to become debt-free. The CBNF method has extremely low costs investment and gives higher yield results. This has been immensely benefitting the farmers. 

In recent years, more and more people are shifting to chemical-free food products. That is also one of the reasons that more and more farmers are adopting these farming methods. Even the Yogi Adityanath government has been emphasizing a lot the benefits of switching to cow-based natural farming methods. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is also attempting to spread awareness about Cow Based Natural Farming and supporting the farmer friends practising it. So, it’s fair to say that cow-based natural farming is definitely the future for a healthier tomorrow.


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