Are You Aware of the Health Benefits of Castor Oil?

Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor is one of the most prominent crops in Gujarat. These seeds when crushed produce oil which has endless benefits for hair, skin and health. Annually over 6.8 lakh tonnes of castor seeds are produced in Gujarat itself. Scientifically known as Ricinus communis, though its common name has a bean word in it, it is not a bean. The seeds have 40% and 60% oil in them which is enriched with triglycerides and mainly has ricinolein. For centuries, these seeds are used for medicinal properties. 

Types of Castor Oil

Depending on the preparation method and usage, castor oil can be categorized as follows:

1. Yellow Castor Oil

  • This oil is prepared using cold-pressing fresh castor beans and is also commonly known as cold-pressed castor oil. It is mostly yellowish in colour. This entire process is completed at room temperature and the obtained oil has an extremely low acidic value. But at the same time, it has an abundance of nutrients and minerals making it a boon for skin and hair.

2. Black Castor Oil

  • This oil as the name suggests is black in colour. It is prepared by roasting the castor beans initially and then extracting oil from them after heating them. The oil obtained using this traditional method is unadulterated, thick, pungent, and dark brown or black in colour. 

Apart from both the above-mentioned oils, refined castor oil is also available in the market. This oil is processed and can be used as a food preservative. 

Benefits of Castor Oil

Be it any form or colour of castor oil, it is proven that this oil has a number of benefits for skin, health and hair. Since ancient times, it is widely used as it is a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

1. Possesses Laxative Properties

  • It is stated by even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they approve castor oil as a laxative. The main fatty acid of castor oil is ricinoleic acid which produces an extremely strong laxative effect. Several studies even suggest that if consumed in small proportions it can help relieve constipation. 

2. Excellent Moisturizing Properties 

  • The fats present in castor oil act as humectants and prevent the drying of the skin. These humectants prevent water loss from the outer skin layer and retain moisture. This being the reason castor oil is the main ingredient in several cosmetic products, ranging from lotions to oils.  

3. Heals Wounds and Scars

  • As mentioned above, castor oil has moisture-locking properties. Hence if it is applied around wounds it can create a moist environment and prevents them from drying out. As ricinoleic acid, the main ingredient of castor oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, it can help in reducing pain. At times, it is mixed with other medicinal ingredients before directly applying it to wounds.    

4. Improves Hair Health

  • For ages, castor oil is a part of the hair regime and stimulates hair growth. It also reduces the flakiness on the scalp and dandruff. If someone is suffering from extreme hair loss, castor oil can work miraculously in that case. The omega-6 fatty acids in the oil improve blood circulation and nourishes the hair roots. Using it twice a week can help you get shinier, smoother and longer hair. 

5. Helps Arthritis Patients 

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil make it an effective remedy for arthritis. Since ancient times, it is used for joint and muscle pains. Arthritis patients are suggested to apply to the affected and massage it. After that, use a hot pack over that area. This way it will help in lowering symptoms of arthritis. 

6. Moles and Cysts

  • If applied castor oil is mixed with a pinch of baking soda, it can help in dissolving moles and cysts. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and helps in reducing them.

7. Reduces Stretch Marks

  • Weight gain and stretch marks are very common in pregnancy. At times, they are also caused due to extreme weight gain, hormonal imbalance and swelling. The fatty acids of castor oil help in lightening these stretch marks. 

Ways to Use Castor Oil

Here are a few simple ways to apply castor oil on your hair and face to reap its maximum benefits.

1.  For Hair

  • Castor oil is sticky in texture but proves extremely effective in improving health conditions. You can take a few drops and massage on scalp and hair. If it feels too sticky, you can also dilute it with coconut oil or any other preferred oil of your choice.

2. For Skin

  • To nourish and moisturize the skin, you can use it for massage purposes. This oil can be diluted with olive oil or any other oil and applied using a cotton ball. Later you can rinse it with lukewarm water.

The Gir-Somnath and Junagadh region has soil that is perfect for the production of castor. This region contributes the most in catering to the castor requirements. At Girveda, we locally grow castor seeds using cow-based natural farming methods. There is no use of chemicals or pesticides in this entire process. They are further processed using traditional methods to get the best-quality castor oil. You can try these oils for your hair, skin and health. 


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